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Aluminum is Toxic to All Life Forms: So Why is it Used in Vaccines?

Aluminum is Toxic to All Life Forms_ So Why is it Used in Vaccines_ LINK

Amid measles outbreak, anti-vaccine doctor revels in his notoriety

LINK It’s 6:30 p.m. in eastern Arizona, and an energetic doctor who has gained notice due to his disdain for vaccinations has just gotten home. It’s been a busy day. He’s already spoken to USA Today. He just did a segment on CNN. And he’s closely monitored his Facebook page, which has collected 4,000 “likes” in the span … Continue reading »

The Forgotten History of Vaccinations You Need to Be Aware Of

LINK Countering Vaccine Arguments Led to Startling Conclusions The conventional paradigm states that vaccines are safe and effective, and can be given to virtually anybody regardless of how sick they are. In order to address and counter the arguments she was given for this routine policy, she had to research vaccination, which led her to … Continue reading »

Measles Update!

Measles Outbreak  January 2015                        Greetings! Many of you know, there has been a recent measles outbreak in the United States. We want to take this opportunity to provide additional information for all of our patients. So as not to frighten you, but raise realistic … Continue reading »