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Vaccination began 200 years ago as an experimental life-saving medical tool. While it originally had some merit, today vaccination is one of the leading causes of disability among our children. Today, vaccines are not needed if one lives healthfully. They do not work as well today as they once did. Also, the stray viruses they contain, along with the toxic chemicals they all contain, are a horror.

One out of every 68 children in America is autistic today. I speak with many parents and am tired of hearing the same story: “My child was fine until he or she received vaccines. Then he or she slowly or rapidly became withdrawn, stopped speaking, and mental development slowed or stopped”. When will our health authorities stop lying to the public about the problems of vaccines?


Warning: You will not get the truth from licensed doctors about vaccination because if they speak out about vaccines, they can lose their medical license and their livelihood. This is unfortunate, but true.


Also, whatever you choose to do about vaccination, NEVER, NEVER, EVER give a child more than one vaccine at a time. All vaccines are bad, but combinations of vaccines given on the same day are one of the worst possible insults to a child’s body imaginable.

This article covers many aspects of the vaccine debate. Topics include the history of vaccination, the true effectiveness of vaccines, and the side effects of vaccines. The article also discusses other problems of vaccines and some alternatives to vaccination. It also covers how to opt out of vaccination.


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