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Girls in Colombia React to HPV Vaccine Gardasil; Hundreds of girls in Colombian town sick after taking Gardasil vaccine


So what are the chances of an article in a Chinese paper reporting about the hundreds of girls in El Carmen de Bolivar, Columbia who were knocked down from the lethal toxins in the HPV vaccines Gardasil?

Does this mean that China is watching Japan’s move on removing the vaccine from the country’s schedule. Or are they also watching France because that country banned HPV vaccine ads due to the false claims or Japan  who has banned the use of the HPV vaccine because of potential fertility issues in a country whose population is declining, or Spain who has recalled the vaccine and is now facing criminal charges, or Israel now considering a ban or India who banned the HPV vaccine clinical trials in their country and who now the world is watching in an historic Supreme Court case that three women activists brought against, WHO, the Gates Foundation, PATH and the government of India for the illegal and unethical trialling of the HPV vaccines in their country without informed consent or post-monitoring surveillance.

Yes, the almost 36,000 adverse reactions and 170 reported deaths to VAERS are from the HPV vaccines.


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