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The Worship of Vaccination in the Holy Temple


“I understand you didn’t vaccinate your little Jimmy. Vile parent! We will no longer allow Jimmy to play with our blessed and protected daughter Sally. Jimmy and you carry the mark of Satan, which is the non-neutralized germ. We will tell the other neighbors and report you to the Inquisition (Child Protective Services). You are the unclean! Filthy! Get thee from our sight!”


A final note of caution from the Church: “Some of the Fallen have been arguing that if the protected (vaccinated) child has truly gained immunity, his contact with an unvaccinated child should present no problem. Do not listen to this Beelzebub-logic. It is spurious, specious, and designed to deceive. It is the Germ speaking. The Germ weaves his foul polemic, he whispers his sly sophisms into the ears of the innocent. He even attempts to assume the position of God. When he intones and suggests, like the serpent, scream! Blot out his words! Say get thee behind me! Alert the authorities!”

From the Comments

Vaccinations (at best) do only one thing; create an antibody. They do so by bypassing the first two out of three major parts of our immune system, to activate one out of 17 known subsystems.

Anti bodies worked, until the germs evolved. Round-Up worked, until the weeds evolved, bt worked…., well, you can see where I’m going with this.

Science has pushed the “known” existence of homo sapiens back 700k years now {Ok, they’re arguing between 200 to 700k, the latter being more recent.}.

Our survival as a species through our evolved immune systems and ability to control our environment has been pretty well vindicated by time. 50 years of mucking about with vaccines is a blip on that radar and a quick google of “Doctors against vaccines” will bring up 8.75 million hits which will concern anyone not fully indoctrinated.


Antibody response ≠ immunity or protection




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