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Spokane Board of Health Member Being Threatened for Questioning Vaccines

Members of the Spokane City Council are threatening to remove Councilman Mike Fagan from the city Board of Health, because he revealed on his Facebook Page that he does not personally receive vaccines, and does not believe the “science is settled” in regards to vaccines. In an interview with KREM TV, he made it clear that these are his personal views: “I’m not going to impose my opinion or my will on anyone else.”

Some other members of the City Council apparently believe that Mr. Fagan is not entitled to have a view on vaccines different than their own and still be a member of the board of health. They are threatening to remove him from the board, and calling for his resignation. Mr. Fagan has stated he will not resign.

– See more at: http://healthimpactnews.com/2015/spokane-board-of-health-member-being-threatened-for-questioning-vaccines/#sthash.gU8SaHup.dpuf



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