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MMR Before age 3 Associated With Over 300% Increase in Autism

CDC Knew For the Past Decade

CDC-building-AtlantaMy peers and colleagues, the CDC, and AAP are always quick to make statements like “MMR has been proven to be safe, and there is no link between MMR and autism…it’s been proven”.  Sadly this ignores the reports of thousands of patients (over 100 in my practice) who saw a clear neurological deterioration into autism for their child after the MMR, and occasionally after the 18 month DTaP or some other vaccine.  These scientists cling to the data from studies that they quote as proof of their superior knowledge and wisdom and often make denigrating comments about you the parent or physicians who have other information that they either ignore or are unaware of.




Dr Brian Hooker has just published (August 2014) the study “Measles-mumps-rubella vaccination timing and autism among young African-American boys; a reanalysis of CDC data” in the journal Translational Neurodegeneration that shows several very disturbing things:

– the CDC manipulated the data to remove the significance known that African-American boys were 3.4 times (340%) more likely to develop autism if they got the MMR before age 3 than if they got it after age 3.

– The CDC knew of this data since 2003 but chose to cover it up

– The flawed study with manipulated data has been quoted for a decade as proof that the MMR is not linked with autism when it actually proved the link between MMR and autism.

I am convinced that similar results would be found for all races and children if more studies were done.


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